Import & export

Import & export

In the trade with onions we give special attention to the customer´s needs.

Here is where our principle applies most of all: We will find what you are looking for!

Onions are delivered from different production areas in Europe, mainly from Germany and the Netherlands, and we deliver to customers in the neighboring EU countries and beyond. As a standard, we take the goods directly from the farmers, where we also pack and load

Onions are available in different sizes and packagings. The standard sizes are 40/60 mm, 50/70 mm, 60/80 mm and 70/+ mm but we can prepare in further sizes as per the client´s request.

We pack onions as requested in jumbo bags, 25 kg bags or even in 15 kg and 10 kg nets. Loading in bulk by conveyor belt- or tipper truck is certainly also possible.


Careful harvesting and drying,

appropriate storage conditions, as well as protective sorting and packing can be expected of us.

We want the onions to reach our clients in a high quality. In periods of frost we either load in insulated trucks or apply frost protection cardboard.


In case of a demand in the European markets we are prepared to import onions from abroad and deliver to clients in Germany and the neighboring EU countries.

These onions mainly originate in Egypt and can be delivered from March to May. We preferably load in 25 kg bags or in 1250 kg jumbo bags, stuffed in containers that are shipped to our arrival ports in the south of Europe. From there we can deliver to any destination in Europe.

We also offer onions originating in Spain from April until the end of June. Spanish onions are packed in jumbo bags and delivered by trucks.

Speak to us early in case of interest so that we can meet your demand in the best possible way. We can also organize production- and delivery contracts for you in the countries of origin. Contact us!

A customer never just buys a product. He buys what the product provides him with.
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